More intelligence. More possibilities.

In this business, keeping up isn’t good enough. You have to anticipate challenges that haven’t happened and still overcome today’s obstacles. But with the right insights, from the right places, you can leverage intelligence to discover new possibilities.

Addressing Industry Challenges, Together

Today’s energy, water and city service challenges aren’t easy—but they’re not insurmountable either. We need to ask the tough questions, explore every possibility and deploy the right solutions to help our industry transform and thrive. Itron is laser focused on partnering with you to make the world more efficient, sustainable and better prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring. And we’re doing it today.

From detecting new EV assets on the grid and potential transformer overloading issues to creating vibrant, sustainable smart cities and a grid that’s resilient and ready to bounce back after a disaster, more intelligence opens the door to more possibilities.

How We Do It

With decades of industry expertise and continuous investments in innovation, we have developed the industry’s most comprehensive, secure and proven portfolio of intelligent devices, smart, foundational networks, and software and services to deliver the right outcomes for utilities and cities. Itron customers everywhere rely on us to achieve unparalleled reliability, insight, efficiency and opportunity.


Linux computer, application platform & high-resolution data in smart meters

Real time insights

Real-time insights & communications into the consumer premise

Peer to peer

Peer-to-peer communications between smart meters & devices


Robust, resilient & device agnostic multi-application network technology


Open & vibrant ecosystem of solution providers

Unlocking More Possibilities

Learn more below about some of the ways we’re solving today’s grid challenges, creating more possibilities with more intelligence.


Distributed Intelligence

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Distribution Automation

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Smart Cities

Smart Cities

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From Inspiration to Innovation

Smart Energy International recently interviewed Itron’s senior leadership team to get their thoughts on the future of utilities—and how we can be confident in delivering a resilient, resourceful future with more intelligence and more possibilities.

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