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Intelligent Connectivity

Utilities and cities around the world have spent decades building out traditional infrastructure to meet growing consumer demand for energy and water. But business models are changing as more renewables come onto the grid, more regions are impacted by water scarcity and conservation priorities, and more communities are investing in smart technologies to make neighborhoods safer and more engaging. Given the diversity of requirements you will need to support these initiatives today and tomorrow, you can’t afford to invest in a single network technology.

Our strategy to address these challenges is simple. We apply intelligent connectivity to unlock the potential of the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Rather than a one-size-fits-all network approach, we use our flexible platform to match the right communications technology to optimize performance, security, and cost – supporting the use cases you care about.

Initially, as a smart utility, you may focus on providing proven RF mesh connectivity for basic meter-to-cash applications. But as needs evolve, your network should be able to support more complex utility and city use cases like DER integration, real-time distribution automation, dynamic streetlight control and consumer engagement over time. A diverse range of transport technologies like cellular, Wi-Fi and power line carrier (PLC) can be seamlessly integrated within your Itron IIoT network canopy to support these use cases and more.

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