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Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection

Despite significant advances in meter data collection, drawbacks remain. AMR-collected reads, though shown to help reduce operational cost and increase accuracy, still often rely on field crews to make multiple physical trips to and from the office to report consumption and collection route data. Meanwhile, these applications are often locally installed onto multiple devices, which can make managing hardware and software versions difficult and time-consuming.

Temetra is Itron’s next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution. Built from the ground up as a cloud-based application, Temetra provides cost-effective, secure and user-friendly mobile meter reading from the tap of a tablet or phone app. Use it optimize your operations and improve customer engagement.

In addition to flexible data collection for water, gas and electricity, Temetra provides an intuitive web-based interface with powerful map-based routing functionality to help you to access and modify meter data and assignments to field crews from anywhere, on the go. The simple web-based app syncs with back-office software in real time and offers long-term storage capabilities to effectively act as a lightweight analytics and MDM platform.

Temetra is proven globally and offers a modern data collection solution that grows with you.

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Mobile Data Collection, simplified. Empower your employees with a simple mobile app to quickly and securely collect readings, view schedules, manage field assets and more.

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