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An Analysis of International Energy and Water Trends

2018 Itron Resourcefulness Report

The Itron Resourcefulness Report is based on survey results and analysis of data from the energy and water industries.


At Itron, we define resourcefulness as the wise and careful use of vital resources, particularly water and energy. It's about managing those resources efficiently and using them thoughtfully. And it's about delivering them reliably, safely and affordably.

We are pleased to release the fourth edition of our resourcefulness survey. This report explores the dynamic between utility leaders and informed consumers, provides insights into how the utility industry is evolving, and compares results to those from previous reports.

This year's survey included responses from 1,013 consumers and 1,018 executives in 10 countries around the globe. To learn more, download the 2018 Itron Resourcefulness Report here (a quick registration required).

Findings at a glance.

Implementing smart city solutions is a high priority for 70% of utility executives.

9 out of 10 consumers believe it's important for utilities to use big data to improve efficiency.

Utility executives #1 unmet need is the desire to integrate renewables into their resource mix.

Results at a Glance

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