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Itron Named as Partner to Upgrade Water Metering Infrastructure in City of Grand Prairie

City of Grand Prairie, Texas, chose Itron as its partner to enhance its metering and customer service operations

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—Nov. 3, 2015—Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water, announced today that the City of Grand Prairie Water Utility, which serves 180,000 water customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, has selected Itron to upgrade its water metering and customer service systems. Over the next four years, the utility will install Itron's smart water solution — including professional services and cloud-based analytics — to increase operational efficiencies, enhance customer empowerment and involvement, and more effectively manage the delivery of water.

Itron's smart water solution will enable Grand Prairie to enhance customer service, improve operational analysis, better understand consumer demand and support conservation efforts by utilizing Itron's analytic software application to translate advanced data collected into actionable intelligence. Grand Prairie's customers will have online access to their accounts and consumption information, helping them better understand their water usage and actively participate in managing their water consumption.

"After extensive review of numerous proposals and review of several existing systems that have been upgraded in a similar manner, the City chose Itron because of its established credibility, proven expertise, successful projects in service and cost effective approach," said Ron McCuller, public works director. "We look forward to benefiting from Itron's smart water solution, which will help us meet our central program objectives of improved customer service and efficient water management."

"Itron's water solution will provide the City of Grand Prairie the tools it needs to further enhance its system infrastructure, improve efficiency and help propel its water conservation efforts," said Paula Billingham, vice president of sales for Itron. "For more than 30 years, Itron has positioned itself as a leading provider of water automation solutions. Helping our customers and the communities they serve realize the benefits of resourceful innovation remains our top priority today and in the future."

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