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Grid Operations

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Grid Operations

Understand the distribution grid, optimize investments, improve quality of service and boost grid resiliency.

The grid is becoming more participatory—there are increasing expectations in electric grid reliability and service, and regulators are awaiting results from smart grid investments. With Grid Operations outcomes, you can:

  • Aggregate data across operational, transactional and financial silos to garner a better, more intelligent understanding of your business
  • Identify anomalies to automatically reroute electric paths away from failed devices or links
  • Improve electric grid reliability and efficiency
  • Heighten grid resiliency
  • Reduce technical and non-technical losses

Through a combination of outcomes such as Transformer Load Management, Electric Vehicle Detection, Photovoltaic Detection, Location Awareness, Voltage Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring, Voltage Analysis, Reliability Analysis and Outage Detection, you now have the tools to gain valuable insight into your operations and optimize grid resiliency.

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