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Smart Meters + Endpoints

Smart devices for better thermal energy measurement, communication and management.
Learn more about Itron's smart meters and endpoints for a variety of applications:

Data Collection

Efficient, reliable data collection from across your thermal energy system.
From fixed networks to mobile, you can make the most of your resources, be more informed with detailed data and become more operationally efficient than ever before with data collection solutions from Itron.
  • Temetra Fast Drive-By — Drive-by mobile data collection technology that gathers reads quickly and effectively.
  • EverBlu Fixed Network — Wireless fixed network data collection technology.


Accurate usage and cost allocation for multi-unit residences.
With fixed network or mobile allocation solutions, you can accurately bill customers for what they've consumed—and leverage the information you collect to help them become more educated about their use and save money on their bill through conservation.

Data Management and Analytics

Make the most of your data with advanced data management and analytics solutions.
Your smart devices and network can provide more information than ever before. Make the most of the data you collect with data management solutions from Itron.

Products + Services Catalog

View all of Itron's solutions, products and services for thermal energy providers.