Who Can Apply?

  • The Challenge is open to solution providers worldwide. We are looking for the best solution for each challenge, so eligibility for all challenges is open to companies and teams worldwide
  • Participation is not limited to developers that are based in the sponsoring cities London and Glasgow.
  • Winners must be incorporated or otherwise organized as a legal business entity.
  • Complete Terms and Conditions for the Smart City Challenge are available here.

What is the Challenge Process?

There are two phases in the Smart City Challenge.

Application Period
  • Applications for first round selection will open on November 12th, 2018.
  • Applicants provide a brief description of their proposed solution. A maximum of 15 applicants for each challenge will be selected as finalists.

Development Period
  • Finalists will have approximately 8 weeks to demonstrate an integrated solution using the Itron developer kits.
  • Finalists will be able to update their original submission and provide additional supplementary materials (e.g. demo video or solution overview deck).

Program Timeline

Applications Open
2018 November 12
Application Period
Applications Close
2019 February 8
Development Kickoff
2019 March 6
Development Period
Final Evaluation
2019 May 1
Winners Announced
2019 June

Technical Requirements for Participants

  • You can build an integrated device using our Milli HDK
  • You can connect an existing device using the IoT Edge Router for plug-and-play access to Itron’s industrial-grade IoT network
  • You can integrate an application with the Itron Data Platform
  • You can develop edge compute applications that can be run on the Itron IoT Edge Router
  • Participant should strive to submit a working demonstration by the end of the challenge development period on March 6, 2019

For more information, see our developer resources below