Simplify and optimize your billing with smart water meters

The Challenge
Fair and transparent billing is at the heart of Utilities and municipalities’ operations, yet billing is a daily challenge.

Water meters can be difficult to access for manual reading. Meter pits, underground locations, and hard to reach cellars can increase the risks of meter reading errors leading to revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction.

To ensure accuracy for billing, consumption information must be readily available, precise, and most of all free of errors.

Itron Approach
Smart water meters are the key to accurate billing and simple revenue collection.

A smart water meter measures water flow and uses wireless communication to automatically transfer consumption data, and other critical information to the water utility or municipality.

Whether meters are accessible or not, due to their location or an unexpected sanitary situation, data generated in the field is automatically transferred through the network to the utility’s billing system.

Water consumption measurement is made accurate, automatic, and simple.

But smart water metering offers insights beyond billing. Inaccuracies can have many causes, such as oversized or undersized meters, installation errors, pipe leakage, or tampering attempts. With a smart water network, utilities and municipalities can be alerted near real-time of any event or incident happening in the field.

Smart water meters help ensure a simple and optimal billing process for utilities and municipalities, providing them with the assurance that customers are billed fairly, and that revenue will not be impacted with interruption, unseen frauds or manual errors.

A smart water network provide the foundation for a better customer experience without billing disputes, and a wealth of data that can be used to provide up-to-date, precise and personalized information to customers.

Related Use Cases

Person typing on laptop with meter map

Collect & Manage Data

Gain greater insight into usage trends, identify potential problems and line leaks and drive more informed business decisions via AMR-supported analytics.

image of orange pipe bursting

Operational Visibility

Identify, prioritize and take action to detect and reduce real and apparent losses.

Person typing on laptop with meter map

Smart Water Distribution Network Management

Combine networks and devices to manage leak detection, pressure management, flow analysis, demand forecasting, conservation management, hydraulic modeling simulation, pumping control, water quality and more.

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