Use Case

Smart Street Lighting

The Challenge
Street lighting is an essential community service, but it can consume as much as 40 percent of a municipal energy budget. Legacy streetlights are failure prone and costly, and maintenance is labor intensive. And reporting outages falls on consumers, resulting in poor customer satisfaction and safety concerns.

Itron Approach
Smart lighting systems can reduce energy and operational costs by 50 percent or more. Networked lighting controls allow lighting operators to manage LEDs remotely and access all the information they need to monitor and manage these systems in real-time.

Unlock additional operational savings—as much as 20 percent more—through flexible scheduling, automated failure detection and proactive maintenance.

A smart lighting solution also enables advanced smart city services, including smart parking meters, intelligent transportation systems, and smart water metering.

Products and Solutions

Related Use Cases

streetlights in the middle of city road

Dynamic Dimming

Improve visibility for pedestrians and cyclists and optimize energy use by automatically adjusting lighting levels on the fly.

Smart City Deployment and Installation

Smart City Deployment and Installation

Install, connect and maintain smart city assets.

Person viewing street camera footage in real-time

Real-time Asset Management & Control

Improve asset management with real-time visibility into nearly every aspect of the luminaire and pole.

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