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Smart City Deployment & Installation

Deploying connected smart city assets requires complex system interfaces and integrated workflows across multiple stakeholder groups. Naturally, this presents a variety of operational concerns, including:
To minimize costs and maximize ROI, cities need systems that are efficient and accurate.

Streetlight.Vision:GO (SLV:GO) is our fast, field-proven solution for deploying and managing the entire lifecycle of your smart city project. From updating the inventory and plotting work locations, to providing a bird’s eye view of lights, poles, warehouses and work crews, SLV:GO provides intuitive and easy-to-use tools for all users.

SLV:GO’s full-lifecycle management means you can improve performance, compress schedules and reduce expenses at every stage. Quality controls like real-time validation and location-based verification ensure asset data elements are integrated, captured and tracked correctly on the right streetlight poles and fixtures.

Products and Solutions

Related Use Cases

streetlights in the middle of city road

Dynamic Dimming

Improve visibility for pedestrians and cyclists and optimize energy use by automatically adjusting lighting levels on the fly.


Lighting Failure Detection and Response

Proactively alert users of issues that arise in the field such as lamp failures, location changes or power supply failures.

streetlight at sunset

Smart Street Lighting

Reduce energy waste, improve safety and enhance operational efficiencies while laying the foundation for the city of the future.

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