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Distributed Intelligence Applications

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Distributed Intelligence Applications

Our distributed intelligence applications, delivered in conjunction with our IoT-based network, deliver new and innovative approaches to solving critical challenges facing the world’s power grids. By providing a powerful distributed intelligence platform and a third-party development environment, Itron Networks deliver an increasingly diverse ecosystem of smart meters, grid devices and distributed energy resources to communicate and collaborate intelligently in real time at the edge of the network to solve problems and manage rapidly changing conditions. Itron Networks take advantage of the latest developments in software-defined communications and affordable computing power to provide a robust distributed intelligence platform that can analyze high-resolution data at the edge of the network. Our distributed intelligence applications include significant improvements in outage detection and analysis, meter bypass detection, transformer load management, renewables integration, demand response and detection of unsafe grid conditions, and also provide new opportunities to transform customer service. Through utilizing distributed intelligence applications, you will improve grid efficiency, reliability (SAIDI/MAIFI) and safety while transforming customer service and accommodating more distributed energy resources onto the grid.

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