Itron Riva Technology in our Development Boards

The Itron® Riva Dev boards offer a range of technology options designed to match your development needs. 

Your vision and your design objectives will determine which board is most suited to your project. 

Itron offers our boards as described here:

  • Single boards
  • Single board with components needed for power and connectivity
  • Mesh starter kits with multiple boards, as root or node, on your network (along with all components needed for connectivity and power)

The features listed here will help you select the right technology to get started.

Mesh Starter Kits

Our Dev Kits contain all the components needed to get started building your own Itron Riva network.


Adding nodes to your network, or adding communications to your stack, Itron offers a selection of individual boards.


Antennas expand communications range. Adapters provide power and connectivity options to enable your development efforts.