The Perfect Platform

Itron's technology platform securely connects millions of devices and is a revolution in distributed intelligence, edge analytics, command and control capabilities, and multi-app, open standards networks—delivering real-time solutions to today's challenges.

Analytics from the Edge

With innovative IoT sensor technologies and edge computing analytics from Itron's platform, commercial entities and consumers can both track and effectively manage renewable energy resources and monitor water usage in real time. This awareness saves you energy, water and money while increasing premise efficiency and resource sustainability.

Itron Named a Visionary in the 2018 Gartner Managed M2M Services Magic Quadrant

Itron has demonstrated global experience by enabling customers to collect, interpret, analyze and interact with data through the delivery of connected solutions.

IoT Applications Through Community Action

With a growing developers' network, the Itron developer ecosystem encourages a collaborative environment for problem solving, partnership and rapid innovation.
Our Developer Program offers the tools you need to unlock new opportunities and accelerate time-to-market. Whether you are designing solutions for Gen5 networks or Riva networks, participants in the Developer Program get easy access to development tools, including dev-kits, reference applications, documentation, and tutorials to minimize development cost and complexity.

Itron Developers

200M+ Modules Deployed

Itron understands the industrialization of interconnected field devices—we've been doing this longer and better than anyone in the industry.

Accelerating IoT Innovation

Itron Idea Labs works together with customers and partners to identify new business needs. With an accelerated development model, Itron Idea Labs drives industry innovation to streamline strategic solutions that meet customers' needs. Learn more about Itron Idea Labs and the new, cutting edge solutions being delivered.