District Heating and Submetering

Turn data into action.

Leverage the right data to make the most of your resources with thermal energy and submetering solutions.

Secure. Reliable. Efficient. Innovative.

From reliable and accurate ultrasonic metering to delivering secure, detailed data from the devices across your heating and cooling systems, Itron collects valuable data and turns it into insights that you can use to reduce energy losses and help consumers better manage their individual consumption.

Smart meter

Smart Meters for Any Applications

Our smart devices are ready for the thermal energy and submetering challenges of today and tomorrow.

Proven performance

A Partner with Proven Performance

Itron has more than 45 years of experience with thermal energy solutions and is an expert in any application for submetering.

optimal resource management

Optimal Resource Management

AMI, AMR and consumer engagement solutions for network and consumption clarity, accuracy and efficiency.

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Optimize Your Operations

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Collect Data Efficiently

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Gain Valuable Insights

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Minimize Leaks and Costs

Proactively detect system inefficiencies and save both your utility and your customers money. Get your best business outcomes with accurate, detailed data from EverBlu.

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Customer Service Improvements

Reliable and efficient collection of consumption data is becoming more important for building administrators. Ensure you know how much customers are consuming and generate accurate bills on a per-residence basis—not a per-building one—with EquaScan.

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Smart Meters

Smart devices for better thermal energy measurement, communication and management.

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Data Collection

Efficient, reliable data collection from across your thermal energy system.

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Accurate usage and cost allocation for multi-unit residences.

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Data Management and Analytics

Make the most of your data with advanced data management and analytics solutions.