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ACE SL7000

High-End Industrial Meter

The ACE SL7000 meter is a mature and reliable meter ideally suited to commercial, industrial and substation applications with a large installed base around the world. The future-proof concept of the ACE SL7000 meter ensures that it continues to respond to all new market requirements. The ACE SL7000 is also available in customised versions for local requirements.

The ACE SL7000 generates several types of metrological data which allows multiple recording of load profiles for classical billing applications. This data also ensures the monitoring of voltage quality and network security.

Reduced inventory costs are possible due to the auto-ranging power supply and extremely wide measuring range.
The ACE SL7000 is compatibile with several communication modes (PSTN, GPRS, IP...) to ensure adaptability with existing infrastructures and therefore reduce data collection costs.

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