Electric Vehicles

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About The Challenge

Transforming Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations into Grid Resources

Enable utilities to transform electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) into a grid resource through grid optimization, time-based consumption, and load management while improving the customer experience.

Why It Matters

The Benefit To Communities

Smarter More Sustainable Communities


Reduce impact from carbon-intensive peak generation assets.



Reduce the cost of deploying EV chargers



Enhance community sustainability

Example Solutions

Example solutions could support the following capabilities


Communicate and control charging events between vehicles, charging stations, and the utility grid management system


Utilize electric vehicles as back-up power for homes, buildings, schools, and other community facilities


Get standardized data sets from charging equipment including status, usage and diagnostic information


Create a mobile application for consumers to opt-into EV charging programs that provide them with opportunities to participate in critical peak pricing events in real-time

Step Up to the Challenge

The application deadline has been postponed until further notice.
We will continue to accept applications submitted through the link below until an updated timeline has been announced.