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Leveraging ultrasonic technology, Intelis wSource is engineered to maintain the highest level of accuracy over its entire lifetime, connect easily to several data collection systems and generate extensive data from the water network. Associating a low-to-no maintenance solid-state mechanism with field-tested robustness, Intelis wSource is setting the stage for new standards of metrology excellence in harsh environmental conditions and charting the course for more efficient Non-Revenue Water initiatives.

Intelis wSource Meter

Introducing Intelis wSource:The Intelligence Starts Here.

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Makes Billing Easier

Automate your billing step-by-step - generating, gathering and analyzing data on time for a hassle-free billing cycle


Helps Work Faster

Help your teams work faster by bringing visibility and tools for them to prioritize on the matters at hand - faster.

Water Revenue Protection

Protects Water

Address water losses head on, using existing infrastructure and data to detect and prevent NRW.

Accurate Billing = More Revenue

Connected and Long Lasting to Help Improve Operations

Smart Devices to Protect Invaluable Resources



Intelis wSource Smart Water Meter

Latest generation of Itron’s ultrasonic smart water meter Intelis™ wSource™ combines multi-communication protocols and the best accuracy ratio R1000 on the market.

Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection

Cloud-Based Meter Data Collection

Built on the cloud from the ground up, Temetra allows you to collect water, gas and electric data from a simple, secure and affordable web interface.

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