Scalable logistics, compliance and expertise.

Rely on a trusted partner for designing and deploying the smart metering rollouts serving your communities.

Helping you deploy smart meters at scale,
for electricity, gas and water.

Smart metering programs can be complicated and complex. Regardless of the specifications driving your technology and the mandates behind your deployment, we have over 40 years of domain expertise successfully rolling out smart meter programs around the globe.


Supply Chain Flexibility

Deliver on schedule relying on Itron's local and global manufacturing capabilities.


Regulations and Technology Compliance

Deploy with confidence with reliable smart meters, compliant with your project’s requirements.


Extensive Portfolio

Choose from one of the most extensive smart meter portfolios spanning across electricity, gas and water.

Ensure successful deployments, at scale.

With over 200 million devices deployed, and 14+ million smart meters in Europe alone, we partner with our customers to ensure successful rollouts, at scale, in markets that are driven by detailed specifications, by government regulation and by unique business case needs.

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Cyble 5 Remote Reading Device

Communication modules transforming mechanical meters for gas and water into smart devices, helping utilities collect data remotely and digitalize their operations.


Intelis Water Smart Meter

Smart water meter with integrated communication leveraging ultrasonic technology for long-lasting accuracy and low-to-no maintenance costs.


eHZ-B Smart Electricity Meter

FNN standards compliant smart electricity meters, helping Germany transition safely to a smart and connected distribution network.


3.HZ Smart Electricity Meter

3-point mounting FNN standards compliant smart electricity meters, supporting the German transition to a smart and connected distribution network.


Linky Smart Electricity Meter

Connected smart electricity meter for the French residential market, helping better monitor and manage the electricity network.


SMETS2 4T Smart Electricity Meter

SMETS2-compliant Smart electricity meter for residential use, supporting the shift to a more flexible energy system in the U.K.


SMETS2 5T Smart Electricity Meter

SMETS2-compliant Smart electricity meter with an integrated load contactor, helping better manage energy tariffs and consumption in U.K. households.


SMETS2 Intelis Dual Band Gas Meter

SMETS2-compliant Smart gas meter leveraging ultrasonic technology to deliver advanced safety and long-lasting equipment to the U.K. market.


SMETS2 Intelis Single Band Gas Meter

Single-band variant of Itron’s SMETS2-compliant Smart gas meter leveraging ultrasonic technology to deliver advanced safety and long-lasting equipment to the U.K. market.


Multi-commodity expertise

Maximize your investment.

Once you have a solid smart metering foundation in place, Itron has a complete portfolio of proven smart networks, software, services, meters and sensors to help you maximize the value of your investment, improve efficiencies and create smarter cities and communities.

Discover how we’ve helped communities

Featured Use Cases


Simplify and optimize your billing with smart water meters

Fair and transparent billing is at the heart of Utilities and municipalities’ operations. Smart water meters help measure with accuracy and automate data collection for a simple way to optimize billing cycles, and beyond, better manage the water network.

woman scanning code on monitor

Enhance Customer Service

Improve customer satisfaction by providing granular usage data that can help identify anomalies, detect leaks or waste and more. Close service calls faster by calling up specific data to help customers understand their usage and how they can reduce bills.

person in suit touching point on graph

Financial Analysis with Smart Meter Data

Learn how you can unlock the power and value of interval data to improve utility processes in the areas of financial analysis, load research, forecasting and planning as well as provide efficient, reliable and flexible aggregation.