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Maximizing the Value of Distributed Energy Resources

Unlocking the Value of Clean, Reliable Energy and Water Resources

Leveraging Machine Learning for Phase Identification

Inaccurate phase connectivity information may cause several operational inefficiencies. There are algorithms that can be applied to accurately classify meters according to their phase using voltage information readily available from AMI meters.

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Research. Evaluate. Perform.

Knowing how well your DSM programs are working—and why they are working—is essential to ensuring customer satisfaction, improving program processes and maximizing program impacts.


Gap Analysis

Learn what factors and variables create gaps in energy efficiency program claimed and evaluated savings and approaches reducing those gaps going forward.


Behind the Meter Storage

Energy storage is often described as the missing piece of a reliable and more sustainable energy future. Learn how California's first behind-the meter energy storage projects have fared and what we've learned.


SDG&E's 2014 Residential Peak Time Rebate & Programmable Thermostat Programs

Mass market demand response programs are still in their early days. Learn more about "Reduce Your Use," SDG&E's smart enabled peak-time rebate program, and the results they're achieving thus far.

Strategic Planning and Roadmapping

Adapting to change is fundamental in today’s utility industry—Itron's Strategic Analytics team has the analysis and expertise to help you succeed in a rapidly changing market.


The Sensitive Side of Cost Effectiveness

Applying a Total Resource Cost (TRC) test to energy efficiency programs helps gauge the program's broader value, but it can also lead to widely varying assessments. Learn which inputs are most influential and how they impact cost sensitivity.


Growing CHP: The Business Case of CHP Benefits for Utilities

How combined heat and power (CHP) can help manage the challenges of intermittency while also hardening the grid.

Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage

The CPUC commissioned Itron to quantify the impact of the Self-Generation Incentive Program’s (SGIP) battery storage projects on customer demand and carbon emissions.

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Consumer Behavior and Technology Research

Itron’s services develop an in-depth knowledge of customer needs, preferences and behaviors. From LEDs to connected homes to smart inverters, the technology landscape at the grid’s edge is more dynamic than ever. Stay ahead of the trend with Itron.


What Behaviors Do Behavior Programs Change?

What does the data tell us about the most effective ways to drive behavior change in people's energy consumption? The results may surprise you.


The Surveys Are In! A Comparison of Three Commercial Market Share Data Collection Methods

What are the best ways to collect market share data in support of energy efficiency programs? Examine the pros and cons of three approaches.


Commercial Customer DSM Participation: Who, What and Where is it Overlapping

Understanding the degree and distribution of overlap between energy efficiency, distributed generation and demand response program participation is key to optimizing program results. Observe the overlap in the nonresidential sector in California.

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