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Temetra Reader


Temetra Reader

Data Collection Software for Android Platform

The mobile data collection application is compatible with all Android-based mobile devices (V 4.4 or higher). Whether using smartphones or tablets, meter readers can choose from a wide range of devices on which to run the application. Preparing for the meter reading process by means of GPS coordinates allows the application to be used in “Drive-By” mode, which speeds up meter readings and allows their frequency to be increased. Additional information, such as photographs, can add details to events observed in the field.

The meter reading activity is also optimised by transmitting data via the 3G/4G network or a Wifi link, which enables the operator to send data without having to wait for a physical connection between his terminal and a computer.
  • ?Remote Software upgrade
  • Remote data loading & unloading
  • GPS and Pictures takingPS and Pictures taking
  • Faster Drive-By Reading Mode
  • Faster data synchronization
  • Remote routes loading & unloading
  • Remote Photos loading & unloading
  • Upload extra routes on the fly

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