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Load Research Services

Itron’s Forecasting and Load Research team has a long history of providing load research products and services to the energy industry. Our team can provide software, support services, or full outsourcing of the load research analysis process.

Software includes the Itron Load Research System (LRS), which is a Windows system that supports sample design, data analysis and validation, and sample expansion calculations. LRS can be delivered as an on-premise system or as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud. Modeling software includes MetrixND for estimation of regression and neural network models of load research profile data. A companion product, MetrixLT, is used to implement performing bottom-up forecasts that combine monthly energy sales forecasts with hourly profile forecasts and that produce long-run forecasts of system loads, system and class peaks, and class loads coincident with system peaks.

Support services start with sample design studies to maximize accuracy while minimizing data collection costs. Itron staff can also act in a consulting capacity to review sample design and sample expansion processes or to do special studies, such as end-use and technology analysis. Finally, Itron staff can provide implementation and training services related to the use of the Itron load research system (LRS) and our profile modeling products (MetrixND and MetrixLT).

With full outsourcing, the utility is responsible for metering and data collection and Itron takes care of the rest. This can include sample design, data validation and estimation, sample expansion calculations, profile modeling, development of weather normalization models, and to implement bottom-up long-term forecasts based on load research profiles and models of these profiles.

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