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Intelis C&I water ISO

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Intelis C&I water ISO

Ultrasonic Water Meter

?Intelis C&I is a meter designed to measure water to light commercial and industrial customers. Ideal for billing, it leverages ultrasonic technology to offer precise measurements at all flow rates. Agile, it proves equally valuable in district metering, set up ahead of residential networks to monitor water losses before individual counting. Robust alternative to traditional mechanical meters of large diameters (DN 50 - 200), Intelis C&I's technology offers a hassle-free option for heavy water clients.

Intelis C&I is low maintenance.
Relying on ultrasonic technology, Intelis C&I brings precision and reliability to light commercial and industrial environments. With no moving parts in comparison to mechanical meters, Intelis maintains a high level of accuracy over its entire lifecycle with low to no field maintenance for utilities.

Intelis C&I simplifies data collection.
Compatible with Itron's communication technology through pulse outputs, Intelis C&I connects to walk-by/drive-by devices for data collection or existing network infrastructures to provide an accurate reading of water consumption.

Intelis C&I helps monitor water losses. 
Intelis C&I goes beyond billing and brings ultrasonic precision to district metering applications. Set up ahead of distribution networks made of multiple residential meters, Intelis helps monitor water flows, improving the identification of unaccounted for water, metering inaccuracies, or theft.

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