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Forecast as a Service

The full capabilities of the Itron Demand Forecasting System are also available in a cloud-based solution running on Microsoft® Azure. With this approach, Itron is responsible for system and model maintenance and monitoring. All you need to do is provide updated energy data, and Forecast as a Service delivers updated forecasts. You get the power and accuracy of the Itron system without incurring the upfront cost of acquiring hardware and software, or incurring the on-going cost of operating and maintaining the system.

Forecast as a Service Uses Our Proven Forecast Platform:
  • Uses Itron Automated Forecast System
  • System used by most TSOs in North America
  • Includes widely used, proven statistical engine
  • Engine has larger user base (200+ current clients)
  • Supports advanced modeling processes
    • Neural networks and machine learning
    • Ensemble forecasts
    • Multiple weather providers
    • Uncertainty modeling
    • Built-in correction

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