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EverBlu Collector

EverBlu Collectors are used to collect meter reads from the EverBlu MIUs installed at the end points of the network.

Each collector automatically receives once a day data from a group of EverBlu MIUs using Low-Power radio frequency. To guarantee data collection, the EverBlu Collector initiates a bi-directionnal data communication with any EverBlu MIU that fails its daily communication attempts.

Meter data are stored in the EverBlu Collector, then transmitted once a day to the EverBlu Access Point using High-Power radio frequency. If the EverBlu Collector is not in the direct range of the EverBlu Access Point, it can use any other EverBlu Collector as a relay. Using up to five Collectors in series makes it possible to read meters installed in tough locations such as cellars, pits or in rural environments.

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