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EverBlu Access Point

EverBlu Access Point is installed in the central location of each district and is the core of the wireless mesh network.

The EverBlu Access Point daily collects meter data from all the EverBlu Collectors of its network, for a maximum of 1,200 EverBlu MIUs. Data are then stored over a one year period and uploaded to the back-office server using GPRS communication at pre-set times (typically on a daily basis).

EverBlu Access Point regularly monitors the Received Signal Strength Indicators between every EverBlu collectors. Thus giving it the unique ability to automatically re-define the best radio communication paths to always receive meter reads from any EverBlu MIU.

To benefit from the latest developments of the Access Point firmware, over-the-air upgrade is managed directly from the back-office server using the GPRS or Ethernet connection.

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