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EM620 C&I Electricity Meter

Unlocking Smart Grid and Smart Energy for businesses
EM620 is a Commercial & Industrial smart electricity meter designed to unlock smart grid capabilities for large customers. Suitable for business applications from small shops to manufacturing facilities, EM620 offers comprehensive connectivity options and integrated power quality monitoring to support many application requirements. Building block to a smarter energy grid, EM620 meters facilitate the transition to smart energy with flexibility, security, and evolution capacities.

One meter for unlimited flexibility.
EM620 meters are built for agility. Featuring a wide measuring range and suitable for Low Voltage and Medium Voltages operated networks, EM620 adapts to multiple industrial and commercial installations and communication protocols. Its robust conception withstands adverse conditions and isolates EM620 meters from environments with electromagnetic disturbances and network variations.

Secure your electricity network.
Safeguarding your network, EM620 is a built-in shield and adds physical and digital security layers to your electricity grid. By design, EM620 integrates features detecting tampering attempts and alerting operation centers accordingly. Compliant with the DLMS/COSEM standards, EM620 generates and transports data according to the highest security protocols.

Monitor and control your operations remotely.
Smart-ready and compatible with many communication technologies (Cell/Lan/Mesh), EM620 meters help monitor power quality (total harmonic distortion THD, voltage variations), evaluate unbalance loads and manage its embedded external switch from a distance. With extensive internal storage of historical data, EM620 also leverages remote communications to reduce meter reading cycles and associated costs.

Build your Smart Grid of the Future
Beyond billing and monitoring, EM620 meters are the core components building intelligence directly within your network. When integrated into network management systems, EM620 generates and communicates real-time data from the field, alerting grid operators and utilities of incidents or power outages and helping them accelerate their response times.

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