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Electronic three-phase meter eHZ-B

Modern measuring device for direct connection

Bringing Itron's expertise in smart metering rollouts to the German market, eHZ-B is the latest addition to Itron's 3.HZ FNN base meter compliant portfolio. Dedicated to residential use, eHZ-B is a smart electricity meter with standardized plug-in design facilitating installation on the field. Itron's eHZ-B digital capabilities feature future-looking layers of security, to help utilities and cities transition safely to a smart and connected distribution network, laying the foundation for flexible energy demand-response.

eHZ-B ensures compliance with FNN specifications
Addition to Itron's portfolio of 3.HZ meters, eHZ-B is the latest variant of the family, delivering well-established compliance with FNN standards for base meters. Suitable for easy connection to the Smart Meters Gateway (SMGw), eHZ-B meters blend Itron's quality, accuracy, and performance in a compact form factor for effortless installation.

eHZ-B protects digital transmissions
Communicating to Smart Meters Gateway (SMGw) through TLS-encryption, eHZ-B is able to work with all required and optional defined cipher suites and curve parameters for communication via LMN (BSI TR-03116-3 Issue:2020)

eHZ-B integrates with multi-vendor systems
Smart and connected, Itron's eHZ-B electricity meters are interoperable with industry standards, such as the FNN requirements for wired LMN protocols. At the cornerstone of modernization and digitalization initiatives, eHz-B delivers constant data feedback from the network and seamlessly integrates with established communication protocols.

eHZ-B is built by experts
With over 200 million devices deployed and millions of smart meters in Europe alone, Itron is a trusted partner for customers to ensure successful rollouts, at scale. From tender and logistics through project deployment and ongoing support, Itron has regional manufacturing structures across the E.U., and a global supply chain reach to ensure continuity and effectiveness of your smart meter rollout.

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