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AnyQuest EverBlu Pulse Enhanced

AnyQuest / EverBlu

The AnyQuest EverBlu Pulse Enhanced module has been designed to fulfil the requirement to connect easily any meter with pulse output to the Itron AMR & AMI systems.
With this generic interface module water, gas, electric, heat and cooling meters can be integrated into the AnyQuest, EverBlu and UniGate radio reading systems.

Advanced Functions
AnyQuest EverBlu Pulse Enhanced provides powerful smart functions, adding value for your AMR / AMI applications:
  • Up to 181 consumption intervals (24 hourly indexes when used in EverBlu / UniGate application)
  • Leakage alarm + 13 months history
  • Backflow alarms + backflow index
  • Tamper alarm
  • End of battery lifetime indicator
  • Metering intelligence functions:
    • meter oversized
    • meter undersized
    • meter blocked
    • peakflow log + 13 monthly alarms
    • 2 x time of use indexes
    • critical alarms are date stamped

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