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IUW 2019 Tracks

Four conference tracks with 90+ breakout sessions.

Advanced Applications & Outcomes

By capitalizing on the power of networks and devices, our customers are empowered through insight and action to achieve value-based outcomes that transform communities and businesses. Through revolutionary approaches to energy and water management, intelligent applications can respond to changing conditions in real time, delivering results to the challenges your business demands. Sessions in this track address outcomes driven by distributed intelligence, consumer energy management, performance management, forecasting, outage and reliability analysis, leak detection, revenue assurance, prepayment, renewables integration and outcome-based services and solutions for utilities, cities and third-party providers across the globe. Attendees will learn best practices for advanced applications from utility peers and discover how to leverage that data into actionable information.

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Data Management

Discover how Itron solutions enable utilities to manage data. In this track, utilities will share insights and experiences to help those seeking a meter data management solution as well as those in search of strategies for storing and using data at their utility.

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Mobile & Measurement Solutions

Learn how Itron is meeting the ever-changing demands of the world's energy and water distribution systems with advanced measurement and sensor products, regulators, systems and services. This track also brings an understanding of how Itron Mobile-based solutions offer flexibility for seamless migration to a next-generation network or hybrid deployment to meet your business and operational requirements. Come hear how customers are leveraging their mobile solutions to achieve best practices and operational efficiency.

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Multi-Purpose Network Solutions

As the operational landscape of critical infrastructure providers continues to evolve, it is becoming clear that utilities and cities must seek new solutions to help manage resources more effectively. In this track, learn about Itron's approach to navigate this changing environment with interoperable, multi-purpose network platforms and solutions designed from the ground up to support a broad range of outcomes today and tomorrow. Attendees will learn about the strategic and practical considerations to enable smart utility, city and critical infrastructure solutions. Featured topics include network migration, interoperability standards and strategies to leverage network investments to drive innovation and extend value.

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