IUW 2021 FAQ

Commonly asked questions and answers.

When is Itron Utility Week 2021?

Our virtual event takes place March 16-17, from 9.00 - 12.00 CET to accommodate several time zones.

How much is the event registration fee?

There is no cost to attend Itron Utility Week 2021: Empowering Innovation for Itron customers, partners and prospects. Register here.

What is included with my IUW registration?

Registering for this virtual event gives you access to all of our presentations, keynote speakers, the virtual Knowledge Center and more. It also includes on-demand replays of any of this content for a period of four (4) weeks after the event concludes.

How can I register for individual sessions?

Our event registration is a one-time all access pass. Once you have filled out the registration form, you'll be able to explore the entire event and add reminders to your calendar for individual sessions of interest to you. And don't worry if there are sessions you want to attend offered at the same time—you can simply watch additional sessions on-demand for four (4) weeks after they are first broadcast.

What language will the sessions be presented?

All of the sessions will be presented in English with the option to add closed captioning in French, Italian, German and Spanish. Once the session begins, you'll be able to make your language selection in the media player.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand for four (4) weeks after the event concludes. Registration is required to view sessions on-demand.

How can I interact with others during the event?

Breakout sessions will feature engagement tools such as Q&A and surveys for attendees to ask questions and provide their feedback. Don't forget you can also engage with Itron and others throughout the event on social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) by using the hashtag #IUWEMEA. We'd love to see where you're tuning in from!

Do I need any special software to attend IUW virtually?

No, you can access the virtual event through your web browser (Chrome and Firefox are recommended for the best experience).

What if I have technical difficulties during the event?

Please contact Itron-Marketing@itron.com with your issues and we'll work with you to get it resolved.

What is the Virtual Knowledge Center?

The Virtual Knowledge Center is a digital showcase of Itron's solutions, helping to demonstrate the value of our technology, software and services. Stop by to check out all possibilities with Itron solutions—all virtually. Registration is required to view the Virtual Knowledge Center.

Will there be an Itron Utility Week in 2022?

We are planning on hosting an event every year in the region. Look for more details and an announcement about next year's location and dates.

Additional questions about #IUWEMEA?

Contact Itron-Marketing@itron.com.