Energy Forecasting

Education and Networking

Itron is always at the forefront of the energy forecasting field. We help customers around the world understand the complexities of energy forecasting by talking about the latest forecasting issues and solutions.

Take advantage of Itron’s expertise and experience to gain insightful knowledge and let us help you to improve your forecasts. For more than 20 years, Itron has trained hundreds of energy forecasters. Select from hand-on workshops, live webinars, attend an annual meeting to network with your peers or keep current by following our blog.



Lectures on real-world examples, demonstration of modeling techniques and hands-on exercises

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Brown Bag Webinars

Free hour-long internet seminars on a range of forecasting topics

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Forecasting Meetings


Itron hosts several forecasting devoted meetings. Select the one best for you

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COVID-19 and Load Forecasting

There are unprecedented load forecasting effects due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 26, Itron's forecasting team discussed how to model the load shifts due to COVID-19 mandates. The recorded video is available to view and the team is also providing regular updates on the latest trends.

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Forecasting Workshops

Rely on Itron's forecasting training to provide your organization with increased knowledge, skills and confidence. We also provide on-site training and we can customize courses to meet the specific needs of your group.

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Energy Forecasting 101

Designed for analysts and managers who are new to forecasting and do not have a background in statistical analysis. Build sales/load forecasting models using linear regression and exponential smoothing models.


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Short-term Operational Forecasting

Gain hands-on experience developing near-term forecasts which account for the growing impact of behind the meter solar generation. A must attend class for analysts responsible for delivering operational forecasts.


Energy Forecasting Chicago

Sales and Demand Forecasting

Builds on the Forecasting 101 workshop. Expand your understanding of the application of regression models for weather normalization, sales analysis, and forecasting customers, sales, system energy and demand.


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Introduction to Forecasting and SAE Modeling

The Statistically Adjusted End-Use (SAE) model is designed for developing long-term energy and demand forecasts and entails integrating end-use information into an econometric modeling framework. Included is an overview of the modeling approach. Build MetrixND Residential SAE models and explore how the framework can be used for evaluating alternative efficiency paths resulting from utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs.


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Advanced Forecast Topics

Explore advanced topic areas of forecasting based on feedback directly from energy forecasters. Hot topics are determined throughout the year and the agenda is announced when registration for the Annual Energy Forecasting Meeting is open for registration.


Forecasting Brown Bag Webinars

Itron continues to host its popular webinars on a range of forecasting topics. Itron is always at the forefront of the energy forecasting field. We help our customers around the world understand the complexities of energy forecasting and share our perspective on the latest forecasting issues and solutions. Take advantage of Itron’s expertise and experience to gain insightful knowledge and help you to improve your forecasts.

Energy Forecasting

Accounting for COVID-19 Impacts in Budget Sales Forecasts When Economics Aren’t Enough 

COVID-19 has thrown another wrench into the forecasting machine with significant increases to residential sales while commercial sales experienced sharp declines. Economic variables alone will not be sufficient to explain this change in usage. During this webinar, we’ll review the impact of COVID on usage, present our “COVID modeling tricks” for estimating COVID sales and revenue impacts, and consider how to incorporate the future impacts of COVID as we transition back to “normal”.

March 23, 2021 - online

Energy Forecasting

Support Vector Regression 

In addition to Ordinary Least Squares, there are a variety of modeling methods that are linear in parameters and include the word Regression in their name.  These include Ridge, Lasso, Elastic Net, Quantile, and Support Vector.  This Brown Bag session provides an overview of these methods and a deep dive on Support Vector Regression.

June 17, 2021 - online

Energy Forecasting

Forecast Accuracy Benchmarking Survey & Energy Trends

In early 2021, Itron conducts its annual forecasting accuracy benchmark survey. We will discuss the survey results and implications. 

September 21, 2021 - online

Energy Forecasting

Alternative Approaches to Constructing Forecast Prediction Intervals 

System operators ensure there is always sufficient electricity to “keep the lights on” by setting minimum generation reserve margins to avoid shortages. The growing penetration of embedded generation resources increases load forecast uncertainty and reserves are being stretched. We’ll discuss alternative forecasting approaches that capture the main sources of the load forecast uncertainty.  

December 7, 2021 - online

Forecasting and Load Research YouTube Library

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Forecasting Meetings

Itron wants to share its knowledge and foster the sharing of ideas and solutions in the energy forecasting community. Itron coordinates several important meetings each year so that forecasters can come together and benefit from networking and sharing ideas. Consider attending one of the annual meetings listed below.

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2021 ISO Forecasting Virtual Monthly Meetings

This year, the ISO/RTO/TSO collective group will address forecasting topics during monthly virtual meetings. Each meeting will bring this special subset of energy forecasters together to address one of the unique forecasting challenges faced by independent system operators around the world. We look forward to the regular in-person meeting in 2022. See the registration site for the schedule but note that attendance is limited to ISO/RTO/TSO representatives.

Itron Inspire

Itron Inspire (formerly known as Itron Utility Week)

At Itron Inspire, we’ll explore the possibilities for a better connected, sustainable and resourceful future. By gathering leaders from across energy, water, IIoT and smart communities, we’ll explore technology and services to drive business transformation, reimagine customer engagement and ignite innovation. The Applications, Outcomes & Services track includes topics geared to the interests of energy forecasters.

Itron Inspire will be a completely virtual experience this year.

October 4-6, 2021

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Annual Energy Forecasting Meeting (EFG)

The Annual Energy Forecasting Meeting brings you two and half days of topical peer and industry expert presentations along with roundtable discussions. No matter where your area of forecasting interest lies, this meeting is an excellent forum to exchange ideas and hear about modeling concepts, data development, efficiency trends, and related issues from industry speakers.

April 13-15, 2022 - New Orleans, LA