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Realizing the Vision of the Community of the Future

Communities worldwide are facing a variety of challenges to modernise operations. Modern, multi-purpose network platforms are now driving economic, quality of life and environmental returns – that’s 3D ROI.

Where’s the Three-Dimensional ROI?

Communities worldwide are facing a variety of challenges to modernisation. Now, they can leverage modern IoT platforms to drive economic, quality of life and environmental returns – that’s 3D ROI.



Drive operational efficiencies, promote local businesses and deliver innovative services.

Quality of Life


Transform critical services to improve the experience for residents and visitors.

Environmental Stewardship


Conserve energy and water while promoting the use of renewable energy resources.


Smart Communities Deliver 3D ROI

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Where's the ROI?

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Learn how leading global cities are elevating their game with Itron's proven solutions

Illuminating the City of Light

Together, the City of Paris, Itron and EVESA have deployed a multi-purpose smart city platform that enables operators to fully control and optimize lighting systems to save energy.

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>30% operational savings

For the Itron Smart City Challenge,

The City of London was seeking IoT solutions that improve safety along the River Thames …


Saving energy and promoting sustainable transportation are essential pillars of Copenhagen’s vision to become carbon neutral by 2025. By modernizing the street lighting infrastructure to intelligent LEDs, the city has achieved significant energy savings of 76%

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76% energy savings from upgrading to LED luminaires


Real-time monitoring of wastewater flows helps the County of Miami-Dade identify problem areas, meet regulatory mandates and reduce operational costs.

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60% reduction in truck-rolls

Empowering the Community of the Future

Empowering the community of the future

Smart Cities Driving the Need for Digital Transformation

Our smart devices, networks, and applications enable digital transformation of critical infrastructure

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