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Air Quality Management

With rapid urbanization and accelerating sustainability programs, communities worldwide face increasing pressure to collect accurate air quality data to identify sources of pollution, track real-time conditions and shape municipal governance and public policy. Traditional pollution management is costly and complicated to deploy at scale, which limits the temporal and spatial resolution needed to effectively manage and mitigate pollution.

Our air quality management solution provides granular visibility into pollution patterns and sources using small, low-cost sensors that measure temperature, humidity, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and more.

Developed by proven Itron partners, these air quality sensors can be mounted on outdoor lighting infrastructure, collecting real-time environmental data right where people live. Deploy high-density sensor networks to provide your community with a dynamic and comprehensive view of air quality.

Combining this data with other smart city applications empowers communities around the world to unlock insights to make smarter decisions that enhance public health and quality of life.

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