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We deliver devices—meters, communication modules, sensors and more—that generate data across your entire distribution system.

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Itron's electricity, gas and water smart meters, devices and sensors are the starting point for the data that drives your business.

With over 200 million deployed worldwide, devices are the cornerstone of everything we do—and our customers’ success. That cornerstone is built upon industry-leading quality and reliability for utility measurement and sensing. Itron’s devices—meters, sensors, regulators and more—for electricity, gas and water providers are a cornerstone for improved operations, billing and resource management.

Going Digital with Smart Metering Solutions

Going Digital with Smart Metering Solutions

Intelis Gas Meter

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Itron customers around the world have deployed millions of Itron devices. See how they're leveraging our technology to succeed.

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Smart Metering and Sensing Solutions
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Gas Burners

Intelis Gas Smart Meter

Communicating and active smart meter for residential gas delivery with integrated shut-off valve and remote control.


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Simplify and optimize your billing with smart water meters

Fair and transparent billing is at the heart of Utilities and municipalities’ operations. Smart water meters help measure with accuracy and automate data collection for a simple way to optimize billing cycles, and beyond, better manage the water network.

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Gas Disconnect

Remotely shut off gas service, enhance safety and transform gas operations with our compact solid-state Intelis gas meter.

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Demand Response

Demand side management is critical to maintaining grid stability and incorporating new sources of energy generation. Itron’s continuous two-way communications network overcomes the limitations of legacy demand response (DR) technology, giving you innovative new tools to achieve reliable, predictable load reduction while improving cost efficiencies.