Revenue Assurance

Protect revenue and detect loss faster.

Quickly identify, monitor and manage potential losses and revenue leakages.

Detect, investigate and mitigate non-technical losses.

Alleviate safety concerns and enhance revenue with the right analysis and investigation tools.

increase revenue

Increase Revenue

Combat energy diversion and loss—including electric theft, gas theft, or meter tampering—through analytics.

alleviate safety concerns

Alleviate Safety Concerns

Identify unsafe conditions and reduce safety issues.

improve business operations

Improve Business Operations

Greatly increase accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue assurance process.

Customer Successes

Improving Safety & Reducing Revenue Loss

“We were able to reduce revenue loss and the resource required for investigations and theft management—all while improving customer and utility safety.”

Identified over 12,000 gas theft and electric theft incidents

Combating Electric Theft with Revenue Assurance

“We were able to move from a reactive response, relying on tips from the public and from SMUD employees, to a proactive response, using statistical analyses to make inferences of the data and identify possible theft.”

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Billed an additional 15.5 million kWh due to electric theft detection

Achieving Savings from Theft & Faulty Meter Detection

“We use five-minute voltage and current data, alongside advanced analytics, to identify suspicious electricity consumption, assist the police, correct billing issues and identify meter problems.”

150 electric theft cases identified

Dangers associated with energy theft: Itron Revenue Assurance.

Meter tampering leads to financial impacts for utilities and ratepayers, creates potential fire hazards, risks the safety of utility employees and the public, and can compromise the distribution system. Learn how to address these issues with Itron Revenue Assurance.

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Dangers Associated with Energy Theft

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Revenue Assurance

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Deliver Efficiency & Operational Value through Revenue Assurance

Non-technical losses are a major concern for all utilities and can have a considerable effect on both the public's perception of your utility and your bottom line. Taking mitigating actions quickly can enhance and protect revenues, alleviate safety concerns and demonstrate a positive customer focus.

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