A resource on the rise.

By 2030, the natural gas industry is expected to grow and adapt to new net-zero challenges. With a track record of over 70 Million connected gas endpoints, we’ll help you rise to the challenge—safely and reliably.

Overcome the gas grid obstacles that stand between you and a successful future.

Decrease operational costs. Improve your gas infrastructure safety. Adapt to net-zero emissions mandates. With Itron’s gas solutions, overcome your day-to-day challenges with intelligence to unlock new possibilities.


Gas Safety First and Always

Lowering the risk for you and your customers is a priority. Itron has the technology to advance your gas grid safety.


Gas Solutions For A Changing World

Transforming your one-way gas distribution system into an interactive network is now possible. Itron’s flexible solutions solve your problems today and help you prepare for tomorrow.


Gas is in our DNA

We’ve partnered with the gas sector for decades and deployed over 70 million gas endpoints. So we know what you are up against because gas is in our DNA.


Award-Winning Gas Platform

Awarded for its breakthrough features, Itron’s Intelis gas platform combines ultrasonic metrology and enhanced safety in a smart device that transforms gas distribution networks.

Solid-State Ultrasonic Metering

The Benefits of Solid-State Ultrasonic Gas Metering

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Considering Hydrogen? You need experts. We’re here to help.

Many utilities are looking to hydrogen to meet carbon reduction goals. Itron has been working with our customers to understand the future of adding hydrogen into natural gas pipelines. We have also developed a framework for testing the compatibility of natural gas meters, including our Intelis meter family.

Learn more about our hydrogen research results or download our white paper.

White Paper Research Results

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AMI Essentials (Water, Gas)

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Uncover Actionable Insights

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Sucessos de clientes

Improving Gas Safety through AMI & Ultrasonic Metering

Hear how Spire is using Intelis, the latest in ultrasonic gas metering, to help keep its 1.7 million customers safer, warmer and happier.

Making "game-changing" improvements

Aprimoramento da segurança com detecção de metano

Para atender melhor os mais de 300.000 clientes de medidores de gás internos, a Con Edison usa o sensoriamento de metano da Itron, IoT e soluções em técnicas de análise para detectar vazamentos de gás - permitindo que a empresa prestadora responda com rapidez e segurança para evitar eventos trágicos.

Aumento da capacidade de resposta para 85% dos vazamentos de gás em 30 minutos

Conexão com clientes através do AMI

Um sistema de fornecimento de serviços de energia mais eficiente, mais insights no desempenho do sistema, faturamento mais preciso, detecção de interrupção aperfeiçoada, melhor comprometimento com o cliente - isso tudo é parte do esforço do Consumo de Energia para modernizar seu sistema de distribuição de eletricidade e gás.

Aumento de 140% na satisfação do cliente

built in

Built-in intelligence with the Intelis smart gas platform.

With high-flow alarms, temperature sensors, air detection and an integrated shut off valve, the Intelis gas platform enhances safety for utility personnel, end customers and the community at large.

Get connected and stay

Get connected and stay operationally savvy.

With embedded connectivity, Intelis gas helps alleviate operational costs of manual reading: remotely control the built-in shut off valve for non-payment, move-outs, line maintenance or any time the need arises.

Going digital

Going digital with gas devices for AMR and AMI.

Choose from a wide range of devices that fit your needs today and into the future. We are committed to delivering technology that empowers you to adopt technology at the speed of value.

Related Use Cases

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Waste Detection

Detect energy theft quickly and accurately. With Itron’s gas analytics offerings, you can recover lost revenues—capturing funds that flow straight to your bottom line.

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Walk or drive by meters to simplify data collection from gas meters on your network.

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Gas Revenue Assurance

Meter tampering and energy theft not only costs you and your customers—in the gas sector, it’s a potential safety threat. Deploy Itron's comprehensive algorithms, data filters and pattern detection to help you sniff out meter tampering and service bypass.

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Managed Services

With flexible solution delivery models, Itron Global Services offers a range of network infrastructure hosting and multiple service-based models to reduce your investment and operational risk. We stand up for the performance of our solutions over the course of your business initiative.

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Business Outcomes

Let Itron deliver outcomes that produce measurable results and ROI, including increased revenue, reduced costs, reduced risk, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced safety and reliability.

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Today’s networks require the latest, most reliable technology so you can get the most from your AMI investment. With Itron, that’s exactly what you get.

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Medidores inteligentes

Confie na empresa que tornou a AMI um padrão do setor.

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Software analítico

Obtenha mais valor de seus dispositivos, redes e dados corporativos.

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Serviços de fornecimento

Os serviços de fornecimento globais da Itron têm mais de 25 anos de experiência em serviços de fornecimento.

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Serviços gerenciados

Mais de 1.000 empresas prestadoras de serviços públicos e 62 milhões de terminais utilizam a capacidade dos serviços gerenciados globais da Itron.


Questions on hydrogen? Check out our hydrogen research report.

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Storm Mitigation: Itron Intelis Gas Meter

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More than a Meter: Itron Intelis Gas Meter

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Improving Gas Safety through AMI and Ultrasonic Metering

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