Distributed Energy Management

What would happen if you could deliver demand response and energy efficiency applications on the edge of the distribution network, not just in the back office? With Distributed Energy Management solutions combined with OpenWay Riva’s edge intelligence and processing capabilities, delivering on the promise of near real-time demand response and more engaging energy efficiency programs is possible. Add to that the ability to integrate, monitor and manage distributed energy resources on the edge of the network, and suddenly you can ensure grid reliability and efficiency like never before.


Itron Demand Response Solution Receives Grid Edge 2018 Award for Leadership at the Edge

Demand Response

Demand response solutions start with the premise that you can have grid reliability and lower energy costs—all by using the energy that already exists. When DR capabilities are combined with edge intelligence and processing for devices throughout the network and into the home, you can truly maximize your energy resources.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency and demand response programs are better together. That’s why we provide solutions designed to increase energy awareness for your customers and inspire them to use electricity more efficiently.

eBook: Distributed Energy Management: The New Era of Demand Response

With the rapid integration of renewables and distributed technologies onto the grid, utilities can no longer feasibly use legacy systems to address the challenges created by these new grid citizens. To help utilities understand how to address this trend, we conducted a survey of 170 electric utilities and collected the findings in an eBook.

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Load Control

How can you balance traditional energy sources with new, renewable options like wind and solar—and still deliver the reliability your customers expect? Find out with load control solutions from Itron.

Dynamic Pricing

Today’s consumers want more control and more choice. Equip them with the tools to pay for electricity how and when they choose with dynamic pricing.


Talk about choice. With bring your own device (BYOD) programs from Itron, your customers have more say in both devices and services—and you stay better connected with your customer base.