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Itron Releases Next Generation Ultrasonic Prepayment Gas Meter

Intelis gFlex Features Superior Payment Flexibility, Exceptional Performance in Harsh Conditions

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — Nov. 30, 2022 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, announced the release of the Itron Intelis gFlex prepayment gas meter.The next generation meter combines innovative ultrasonic solid state measurement technology with Itron's 30 years of experience in prepayment metering solutions. Integrated into an easy-to-deploy SaaS solution and managed through different combinations of vending channels and credit transfer options, Intelis gFlex helps utilities ensure their revenue and reduce financial exposure. The meter is now available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.

With the Intelis gFlex, consumers prepay for the gas they consume, securing upfront revenue for utility companies. Prepayment programs can help recover over 90% of unpaid bills when combined with other payment programs, according to the Prepay Energy Working Group. The meter’s innovative design enables different payment schemes through multiple vending channels, including kiosks, Points of Sale (PoS), smartphones and online vending. Credit can be transferred using various methods, such as a NFC (near-field communication) card, an app installed onto a smartphone or with a traditional STS token via the meter numeric keypad.

In addition to improved cash conversion for utilities, the prepayment meter will help improve customer satisfaction and reduce call center volume through a consumer portal and mobile app for recharging and monitoring. Consumers can manage their budget more effectively, getting their consumption data delivered in real-time via text, mobile applications or email. Additional features such as non-disconnection period and emergency credit make the user’s life easier. For areas where prepay is not used, the Intelis still allows a flexible post-payment operating mode, keeping the benefit of revenue assurance for utilities.

Featuring embedded intelligence, the Intelis gFlex platform operates without the need of a communication network, transferring data back to the utility using NFC technology. When consumers transfer credit onto the meter, meter data is loaded onto the NFC card or mobile app and transmitted back to the utility via the vending channel (e.g., kiosk or app) when additional credit is purchased.

The meter is also designed to withstand harsh field conditions, while offering superior metrology over the entire lifetime, thus reducing the total cost of ownership of the solution. The solid-state meter requires less on-site maintenance while maintaining a higher level of accuracy over time. Combined with programmable gas supply shutoff and exceptions management features, Intelis gFlex reduces both operation and maintenance costs.

“Building on Itron’s long standing experience in prepayment metering, Itron’s Intelis gFlex offers utilities the ultimate solution for payment flexibility. The reliable, accurate metering solution optimizes cash collection and reduces bad debt at lower operational cost, helping ensure revenue while improving customer satisfaction,” said Justin Patrick, senior vice president of Device Solutions at Itron. “With embedded intelligence, the meter is truly plug-and-play, and it is built to withstand harsh installation conditions, giving utilities an easy and reliable path to revenue assurance.

Key features of the Intelis gFlex meter include:

  • Revenue protection: End-users prepay the gas they consume, securing upfront revenue for utility companies.

  • Built for harsh network conditions: Capability to withstand harsh conditions such as dust and moisture.

  • Long-lasting performance in field: Superior metrology performance that will ensure accuracy over the approximately 20-year life of the meter.

  • Enhanced consumer experience: Consumers have the flexibility to purchase the amount of gas they need and choose the payment channel and method that is most convenient for them.

  • Full set of data: Features tamper detection, advanced diagnostic capabilities and extended datalogging (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly) for additional data intelligence.

  • Communication network optional: Two-waycommunication that is implemented though the NFC card or a smartphone used to load the credit and transmitted back to the utility via the vending channel (e.g., kiosk, app).



The Intelis gFlex meter is now available in EMEA, LAM and APAC. For more information, visit the Itron Intelis gFlex product page. For sales inquiries, go to

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