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Itron Announces Hands-Free BYOT™ Solution

Solution Enables Utilities to Deploy Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat Programs at a Lower Cost and Minimize Resource Drain

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — June 14, 2018 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, launched its Hands-free BYOT™ solution to enable public power utilities to implement Bring-Your-Own-Thermostat (BYOT) demand response programs at a lower cost and with minimal impact on operations. 

In the BYOT model, customers who have purchased a Wi-Fi smart thermostat are recruited to participate in demand response programs. This is in contrast to the direct install model for demand response, where a utility-owned device would be installed in the customer home. 

To promote utilities offering BYOT programs, Itron’s Hands-free BYOT solution is cost-effective and requires no system integration. Itron works with the utility to manage all the key components of the program, including participant recruitment, incentive payments, control event execution, reporting and customer support. With this solution, utilities can include leading thermostat brands in their program, engage with their members and customers more deeply while providing them with new value and rewards and build out a new load control asset. 

“Public power utilities have historically been leading adopters of both customer engagement and demand response programs. For that reason, BYOT programs are a logical fit for these utilities since they provide a value-added service to customers and demand response capacity,” said Brett Feldman, principal research analyst, Navigant Research. “Customized, easy-to-implement BYOT solutions should fit well with public power utilities’ needs.”

To manage the outsourced BYOT program for utilities, Itron will use its IntelliSOURCE®-Connect™ cloud-based software to provide the easy integration and control of the Wi-Fi thermostats and the IntelliSOURCE® Express™ demand response management system to manage participant registration and support as well as execution of control events.  

“The Hands-free BYOT solution is tailor-made for smaller public power utilities who have avoided implementing BYOT programs thus far because of cost and resource constraints,” said Steve Hambric, Itron’s vice president of distributed energy management. “This solution will empower these utilities to use the BYOT model so their members and customers can become more proactive managers of their energy use.”

The solution comprises software and services and is immediately available in North America. 

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