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Silver Spring Networks Provides Country-Wide Smart Street Light Controls for Jamaica

Jamaica Public Service Company to Add Up To 110,000 Street Lights Atop Silver Spring’s Multi-Application IPv6 Platform; Expands Existing Advanced Metering Program

Kingston, Jamaica and San Jose, CA – June 20, 2017 – Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) today announced its first international utility-led, country-wide smart street light control program with Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS). JPS is an integrated electric utility company and the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica serving over 600,000 customers. JPS will extend its existing Silver Spring IPv6 platform to connect up to 110,000 smart LED street lights in population centers around the island including Kingston, Spanish Town, Negril, and Falmouth. Silver Spring’s Streetlight.Vision Central Management System (CMS) will also be deployed for JPS through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to control and manage the networked street lights.

The smart street light controls provided by Silver Spring will help drive additional energy efficiency, which is crucial for high-cost, petroleum-based island energy grids like in Jamaica. Smart street light controls can help increase citizen safety by alerting a utility to light failures and allowing for quicker repair. Further, smart street light controls can help increase safety and energy efficiency through adaptive dimming and brightening capabilities based on pedestrian and vehicular traffic. JPS’ three-year program to upgrade the lighting infrastructure with new LED street lights and smart controls will begin this summer.

“At JPS, we are undertaking a major transformation that is redefining lighting and energy service delivery by modernizing Jamaica’s infrastructure, and we are pleased with how Silver Spring Networks’ technology is facilitating this change,” said Gary Barrow, Chief Technology Officer, JPS. “We see Silver Spring as a crucial provider for not only smart grid innovation but also as a platform for new smart city applications, that will bring new and relevant applications quickly to the cities of Jamaica.”

“We are excited by how rapidly JPS was able to realize the value of our platform to connect multiple services,” said Don Reeves, CTO, Silver Spring Networks. “We believe our success with JPS demonstrates how effective our technology is in not only meeting a customer’s initial deployment objective, but how we can set them up for success in the future.”

Silver Spring works with some of the largest utilities in the United States for networked street light deployments, including Florida Power & Light Company for what is believed to be the largest connected street lighting project in the world consisting of nearly 500,000 networked street lights across Miami and South Florida, and with Oklahoma Gas & Electric for up to 250,000 networked street lights across its service territory. In addition, Silver Spring connects smart street lights in other locations around the globe such as in Bristol, Copenhagen, Halifax, Glasgow, London, Paris and in Providence, RI.

Multi-Application IPv6 Drives Value for Existing Advanced Metering Program

Silver Spring has been working with JPS since 2016 to deploy its multi-application IPv6 platform to connect approximately 20,000 advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) devices across seven parishes on the island. Additionally, Silver Spring today announced that it has been selected by JPS to connect an additional approximately 30,000 AMI devices for residential and commercial & industrial customers through Silver Spring’s multi-application IPv6 platform. The program aims to help improve customer experience, grid reliability and protection of revenue.

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