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Itron's New Bridge Meter Streamlines Migration from Automated Metering to Smart Grid

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.—Jan. 22, 2013—Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announced today that it has released the CENTRON® Bridge Meter, a revolutionary new step in electricity metering that bridges Itron communication architectures to enable seamless migration from automated meter reading (AMR) to smart grid communications. The meterwill be commercially available in February 2013.

The meter's adaptability allows it to be incorporated alongside existing Itron electric meters with a mobile collection system, delivering advanced metering benefits associated with interval data, remote service switch operations and demand reset capabilities. When a utility is ready, the Bridge Meter can easily migrate from Itron's mobile collection system to its OpenWay® smart grid solution that is compatible with Itron and Cisco's IPv6 communication network, offering demand response and distribution automation benefits.

"Itron designed the CENTRON Bridge Meter to meet our customers' needs. It is perfect for utilities that require advanced metering functionality in a mobile environment today, with complete support for full smart grid functionality in the future," said Mark de Vere White, senior vice president of Itron's Energy Group in North America.

The Bridge Meter's versatility and proven operational benefits enable utilities to address current business challenges while preparing for a full smart grid solution as the need develops. With the Bridge Meter's ability to leverage field assets across two different data collection solutions, a utility can protect and extend its original investment.

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