Southeastern Meter School & Conference: “Trends of Data Analytics & Next Generation Metering System Integration”

Start:  8/16/2021

End:  8/16/2021

Location:  Auburn, AL

Type:  Speaker

Presenter:  Ty Roberts, Vice President, Marketing, Networked Solutions, Itron

Primary Contact:  allison.hedges@itron.com

Managing the distribution system is getting more challenging than ever. Distributed intelligence enables a new approach to help utilities improve grid efficiency, reliability, safety, and successfully accommodate more distributed energy resources onto the grid. Learn how meters with this capability are able to provide applications such as high impedance detection, residential neutral fault detection, meter location awareness, load disaggregation, theft detection and more by providing utilities additional visibility and control at the edge of the network. Operators can leverage low voltage grid edge intelligence to inform and automate decision making, helping to prevent issues before they happen.



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