Southeastern Meter School

Start:  8/16/2021

End:  8/19/2021

Location:  Auburn, AL

Type:  Tradeshows

Primary Contact:  allison.hedges@itron.com

General Information
The Southeastern Meter School and Conference will be held at the Hotel at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. The school is sponsored by the Southeastern Meter Technical Association. It is held in cooperation with Utility Technology Association.

The school provides a forum for electric utility meter personnel to discuss metering practices, procedures, new technologies, and common issues with peers and representatives from industry. The school is open to anyone interested and involved in these areas. The modules are tailored to instruct utility professionals at all levels of experience.

Vendors from all over the country will be present, displaying and demonstrating the latest in technology for the metering and electrical industry.  Take advantage of meeting one on one with the industry experts.

The conference is divided into five modules:

  • Module 100  Introductory Metering
    Module providing instruction in basic metering theory and application. This module will include topics of single theory, meter forms, instrument transformers, meter sockets along with demand metering.
  • Module 200    Advanced Metering
    Module on intermediate metering theory and polyphase meter installations .Topics include polyphase applications, reactive metering, troubleshooting with phasors, sizing current transformers along with metering renewable energy.
  • Module 300    Hands on Meter Testing and Safety
    Module providing both lecture and laboratory experiences on all aspects of meter testing.  Session will include hands on experience in testing everything from simple single phase, polyphase and demand to multifunction meters.
  • Module 400  Smart Grid, AMI and Emerging Technology
    Module to learn about applications, trends and utilizing elements of Smart Grid, AMI and emerging technologies. This year you will be able to learn about the how utilities are moving forward with next generation AMI system integrations. Topics also include Advanced Meter System Design, using the AMI network with Load Management, Lighting Controls and Data Analytics.
  • Module 500    Meter Programming
    Module providing hands on of programming meters from the metering manufacturers. Classes to gain a better understanding of the personal computer and using it for your metering applications.  Laptops will be provided for these classes.

Both classroom and hands on experience opportunities are included. The courses are designed for participants to select topics they require or have an interest in.

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