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MetrixND, MetrixLT and Forecast Manager - Version 7.0 Releases

MetrixND, MetrixLT and Forecast Manager
We are excited to announce the release of three new software versions of our core forecasting suite – MetrixND, MetrixLT and Forecast Manager. These are major releases with expanded capabilities that will improve the overall user experience.

MetrixND, first released in 1997, is the power-house of Itron’s forecasting software suite and is used daily by hundreds of users for rapid development of accurate forecasts. Powerful forecasting techniques coupled with visualization tools are invaluable when analyzing data. The improved project explorer in version 7.0 provides users with even more flexibility when developing forecasting variables and models.

MetrixLT, a specialized companion product to MetrixND, is used for developing hourly and sub-hourly load forecasts to support utility generation, transmission and distribution planning. MetrixLT can be used to generate load shape forecasts by end use, class of service, system or other user defined segments for the current year or 50 years out. Users will value the newly enhanced load-shape calculation capabilities and improved user interface.

Forecast Manager version 7.0 brings numerous new functions to support advanced billing cycle calculations, construction of daily weather scenarios, calibration of hourly load profiles, and daily tracking calculations. Upgraded grids and graphs are also included to further improve the user experience. To be successful, utilities require systems that automate processes and provide data and reports that management can count on. Forecast Manager brings together sales forecasting, data management and reporting into a single integrated application. All the sales, customer and weather data required for forecasting and variance analysis are incorporated into a single database. Forecast Manager streamlines the input of key data for forecasting and analyzing sales trends. Your MetrixND® forecast and weather impact models then link directly to the Forecast Manager database.

Itron forecasting products are the most widely used forecasting software in the energy industry. They are used for short-term natural gas and electricity forecasting to support day-ahead and real-time operations, retail scheduling, short-term renewable generation as well as for long-term to support portfolio management and procurement, financial planning and budgeting, and integrated resource planning.

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