A Call for Resourcefulness

Sustainability is at the core of Itron’s mission, values and business strategy. Learn how we’re doing in our Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR).

Powering Itron

We work within our own operations to minimize our impact on the environment and to help conserve the very same resources protected by Itron’s services and products. From on-site waste reduction and composting to workplace safety and employee wellness programs, we are diligent in our efforts to reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase conservation of the resources we use to develop and deliver our leading technology.
Powering Itron involves all the activities that relate to our own business and drive us forward:

Health and Safety: The success of Itron depends on the health and the safety of our employees. We are committed to this success and will continue to build on our strong record of fulfilling this commitment. This includes:
  • Completion of the implementation of a new Health, Safety and Environmental Management system in 2013 to better capture safety and environmental data for tracking, reporting, and preventive or corrective actions when necessary.
  • Reduction in U.S. occupational injury/illness rates by 12.5% in 2013 (compared against 2010 baseline); we also began analyzing and reporting root cause data to continue improving on this goal.
  • Certification under OHSAS 18001 across five locations (currently), with other locations working toward certification.
Social Diversity: We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining world-class employees with unique backgrounds and perspectives. Breakouts of ethnic backgrounds and gender can be found in the most recent Itron Sustainability Report.

Employee Benefits and Recognition:
  • Resource Heroes: Resource Heroes is a corporate employee recognition program that showcases our extraordinary commitment to collaboration, quality and innovation. Resource Heroes can be individuals or teams that have gone above and beyond in their commitment and performed exemplary work that benefits Itron. Resource Heroes are nominated by their peers and are evaluated and selected by the executive team. Winners are chosen based on the measureable impact they’ve had on our business. The selected Hero is recognized in a video highlighting their resourcefulness during our quarterly meetings.
  • Itron Employee Emergency Foundation: The Itron Employee Emergency Foundation provides assistance to employees who have experienced unexpected emergencies that lead to hardship.
  • Wellness: Itron’s Wellness Program is designed to help employees achieve their wellness goals. Our program is tied to medical premium discounts, discounted gym memberships, and other valuable incentives. At our company headquarters In Liberty Lake, WA, Itron has an onsite workout facility equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Additionally, there is space for onsite classes such as yoga and fitness boot camp.
Environmental Performance: At our own Itron locations across the world, we continue our efforts to reduce waste, improve efficiency and increase conservation of the resources we use to develop and deliver our leading technology. From integrating solar arrays and LED lighting to developing unique wastewater management and irrigation solutions, Itron is dedicated to making the most of our resources. This includes:
  • Green Building:
  • Regulatory Compliance:
  • GHG Emissions Data (in metric tons):
  • Water Use Data (in gallons per meter):
  • Awards:

Creating Resourceful Communities

We take pride in our history of contributing to the extraordinary efforts of many local organizations through our corporate giving and in-kind support. Our corporate philanthropy efforts are aligned with Itron’s mission and focus on the resourceful use of energy and water.
Itron is proud to be a company that supports employees and their commitment to the community. Our employees are generous with their time and talent through both individual volunteer activities and organized employee group events. Employees organize and promote various activities annually—from STEM and robotics events to team events fundraising for specific employee causes, local food drives and cleaning our local parks and trails.

Itron and its employees give back in a variety of ways:
  • Community Investment: We take pride in our history of contributing to the extraordinary efforts of many local organizations through our corporate giving and in-kind support from employees. Since 2011 we’ve supported more than 225 organizations with donations totaling more than $2.3 million.
  • Volunteerism: We are proud to support our employees and their commitment to the community. Itron values and appreciates all employee volunteer efforts, and promotes various volunteer efforts from park and trail clean up, to working in soup kitchens, to building homes and schools. We encourage employees to participate in community activities and provide up to 32 hours per year of paid community service time for participation in events that take place during normal working hours.
  • Signature Program: As part of our commitment to communities, we are excited to launch our signature program focused on improving energy and resource education for students through our Resourcefulness App. We’re helping to raise awareness about important sustainability challenges while training the next generation of problem solvers.

Advancing Sustainable Development

At Itron, we believe that the health of our company is related to the health of the regions where we choose to do business. As an employer with considerable impact on many of our local economies — including those American cities where our manufacturing is based — we have a distinct role to play in keeping our communities vibrant, well-educated and safe.
Through our commitment to advancing sustainable development, Itron is working with utility providers in both the public and private sectors to improve energy and water resourcefulness globally.

Doing more with the resources we have is key—more than a third of all water treated globally is lost or unaccounted for, and an indefensible amount of the energy generated in major markets ultimately goes to waste.

Itron’s smart technologies and innovative products and services are helping to resolve these problems while lowering end users’ overall utility footprints.

Increasing Our Resourcefulness Quotient

The way we manage energy and water will define this century. And to make sure we do it right, Itron has partnered with Dr. Michael Webber to improve energy and water literacy, encourage conservation and resourcefulness, and inspire the next generation of innovators with our Resourcefulness App.
Itron recently partnered with University of Texas professor Michael E. Webber, an expert on the energy-water nexus, to create and distribute an interactive digital curriculum that teaches key concepts about energy and water for K-12, colleges, industry and general public.

This curriculum will combine text with multimedia components, such as audio and video, along with dozens of interactive exercises, maps and games. Working with community partners nationwide, Itron will make the app-based curriculum available free of charge with a goal of reaching at least 10,000 students in 2016, and plans to expand globally in 2017.

The Resourcefulness App is being created in line with College and Career Readiness/Common Core Standards, including Next Generation Science Standards, Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science and International Baccalaureate Environmental Systems and Societies. The material is designed to complement and enhance existing curriculum and lesson plans with fully developed teaching guides.

Download it today in the App Store or Android Market.