The Path Forward

PLC + RF + WiFi. With OpenWay Riva's adaptive communications technology capability, you don’t have to choose—you get all in one device. Your smart meters and devices select the optimal communications path for you, in real time, at the edge. In return, you get better performance, assured connectivity, improved reliability and a future-proof technology platform to make your operations more resourceful than ever.
OpenWay Riva
Adaptive Communications Technology

OpenWay Riva

A Smarter Distribution System

Running applications on gas and water devices in the field? Peer-to-peer networking throughout the distribution system? Taking action at the edge of your network? That’s the future with battery-powered adaptive communications technology from Itron, part of our OpenWay Riva solution for gas and water utilities in North America. And it’ll be here before you know it to help you make the most of your resources.