Make Connections

Accurate. Reliable. Connected. Electricity, gas, water and smart city devices from Itron offer best-in-class measurement and sensing to help you get the most out of your smart infrastructure investments.

Cloud-Based Services

Your data on a reliable, secure and cost-effective platform, backed by Microsoft Azure. Updates before you know you need them. Run by Itron experts. All in the cloud.

In today's ever-changing utility, you have plenty to worry about, from customer service and engagement to regulatory pressures and evolving business models. Ensuring your systems are always available, up-to-date and performing at their best shouldn't be one of those worries.

With cloud services from Itron, you get a scalable solution with unparalleled security, our deep systems expertise and a dedicated team that will manage your back-end infrastructure with updates, fixes and new features as soon as they are available. Never worry about network issues, system patches or server and hardware upgrades again.

We'll develop our latest and greatest applications and deploy them continuously, keeping your environment secure and on the cutting edge—all in the cloud.

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Security for Today and Tomorrow

We’re committed to helping you protect your critical assets and sensitive data. Itron networks are built with end-to-end security at every layer—network, device and application.

Product Catalog

Now it’s time to get down to details. Access the product catalog here.