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Itron Among Finalists for Innovation Award at IoT Solutions World Congress
Itron Solar Gate among most innovative and impactful IoT solutions

Itron was recently recognized as a finalist for the IoT Solutions Award in the Energy & Utilities category for the Itron Solar Gate. The Itron Solar Gate is an Internet of Things device and a communications gateway that can communicate with a home’s electric meter, in-home display, solar inverter and solar analytics software. The IoT Solutions Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful IoT projects that have been developed over the course of the year.

The Itron Solar Gate, with embedded Itron Riva™ technology and integrated intelligent software, is an innovative communications gateway that optimizes solar installations and operations by collecting and analyzing use data from solar inverters and electric meters. The gateway acts as an intermediary between on premise solar generation, electricity demand and electricity storage as well as the grid. With machine learning capabilities, the Itron Solar Gate optimizes solar generation usage by dynamically balancing generated electricity between home use, battery storage and electric vehicle charging, all while maintaining customer comfort. The integrated software’s algorithms help assess home energy consumption for optimum usage and lower electricity costs.

The Itron Solar Gate was developed by Itron Idea Labs, an organization within Itron that is dedicated to developing new business opportunities in high-growth industries and emerging markets utilizing Itron Riva technology. Itron Riva is the first-of-its-kind distributed intelligence platform that supports sensing technologies and dynamic applications at the device level.