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Secure. Reliable. Efficient. Innovative.

An innovative radio system for allocation of heat and water consumption.

EquaScan Fixed Network

EquaScan enables heat cost and water metering data to be collected efficiently, quickly and securely even in environments with a high density of meters. The system can be used as a fixed network or as walk-by solution.

Accurate Bills for Satisfied Customers

Reliable and efficient collection of energy and water consumption data is becoming more and more important for building administrators. Ensure you know how much customers are consuming and generate accurate bills on a per-residence basis—not a per-building one—with EquaScan. 

For administrators of multi-tenet buildings and billing services companies, efficiently collecting reliable, accurate and secure consumption data for energy and water used to be a challenge.

But with an EquaScan fixed network solution from Itron, you can be more efficient and effective than ever before.

EquaScan uses bi-directional radio frequency (RF) communications alongside collision management technology to guarantee the fastest reading of water and heat meters, modules and other devices, such as electronic heat cost allocators.

Ultimate Flexibility

With EquaScan, mobile and fixed network solutions can be used in parallel, depending on your needs—you are not limited to how you collect data and can use either solution at any time.

High-Density Housing? No Problem

Collect heat cost and water metering data quickly and securely—even in environments with a high density of meters. All you need is the EquaScan solution and devices equipped with EquaScan radio modules within the building for the most efficient collection ever.